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Journaling - Even 15 Minutes at a Time -
Can Provide the Inspiration for improved
Mental Clarity, Emotional Balance and Physical Well-Being

Is Health and Wellness Journaling right for you?

Journaling is a skill builder for stress management and a powerful ally in developing a
firm base of self-empowerment. It is flexible and easily woven into the fabric of your
available time and energy.



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Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals:

Research has proven that journaling can decrease blood pressure, improve immune system functioning and decrease the need for pain medication in both acute and chronic situations.

Therapists have known for decades that it also helps develop mental clarity, emotional balance and improved communication skills.

The following are examples of journaling’s benefits…
  • healing more quickly from injury, illness and surgery
  • living more fully in the midst of chronic disease
  • communicating more easily about your health care needs and wellness goals
  • developing a pro-active plan for healthy living
  • developing a fully creative and well-lived life in the resolution transition of infertility

Research has also documented direct benefits for nurses (and other health care providers)
  • decreasing the potential for burnout and compassion fatigue
  • improving patient communication
  • establishing committed self-care habits to relieve stress and improve holistic wellness

As a certified journal therapist and licensed mental health counselor with a background in nursing, I’ve witnessed the physical, intellectual and emotional healing transformations brought about by journaling.

As a woman who has journaled for decades, I’ve also experienced, at the core of my being, the insight, peace and self-awareness that have evolved (and continue to evolve) from putting words and images on paper.

I invite you to take a few minutes to download and complete my free Journaling Questionnaire (Self-Inventory & Goals). Identify your past journaling experiences, current journaling practices and questions you might have regarding the role of journaling in your life and wellness goals.

After that, if you would like to know more about bringing flexible and satisfying Journaling into your life, call me for a Free, No Obligation, 30-minute consultation. During this conversation, we will review the results of your Journaling Questionnaire and determine how journaling can fit into your life.

Free 30-minute, no obligation consultation

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