Moxie ConsultationRae Hight, RN, MA, LMHC


Rae, I appreciate your gentle guidance, thoughtful and wise responses, and being so present for each of us. You are a real gem.
K. L.,
(journal class student)

Thank you to Rae - your gentle leadership and thoughtful insights have moved me forward in the direction I want to go.
K. M.,
(journal class student)

We had a great once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Our poetry work has given me so many new ways to remember our amazing trip!
S. G.,
(journal coaching client)

Thank you for understanding … I am learning a new way/program and doing something different. I can hardly wait to see my new creations!
A. S.,
(journaling and poetry coaching client)

I can't believe how quickly you [Rae] were able to help me get things sorted out with the techniques. Everything felt so overwhelming and now I know where to begin. I never thought about journaling in this way before.
B. K.,
(journal coaching client

Rae is an excellent and professional coach. I was surprised when I learned we could bring my poetry into our meetings on journaling. Now I’m writing poetry every day. Without Rae’s support and encouragement, my poems would still be scattered around in boxes and notebooks.
June G.,
(journal coaching client)

Rae, I am continually blown away by your level of engagement with us as individual participants, learners, and humans. Your level of listening and feedback is not only amazing, it is also instructive, enriching to our learning process, and a model of how I would like to be with others, as a professional, as a facilitator, and as a person. I am grateful to have been led by you in this course.
Betsy Harrison, MA, LCMHC
(journaling class student)

Rae Hight is a phenomenal online facilitator! Her communication is appreciative, thorough, appropriately challenging and clear. There is a science and art to online facilitation. Rae reads and responds with care, specificity and in ways that demonstrate keen attention, deep consideration and offers new information, insights or guidance. I have had the pleasure of taking three classes with her at the Therapeutic Writing Institute (TWI), and I would enthusiastically take another!
(TWI student)

Rae, I always learn so much from you in regard to giving supportive and encouraging response to online course students. When my own students give good feedback about my facilitation, I always send you a 'ray of gratitude'. I hope it reaches you across the globe in some way or other.
(journal coaching client)

[Note: A student shared a photo of a flower from her garden …] This is a Lenten Rose, and in my garden it flowers in early Spring. It took years after I planted it to grow, and several more years before it flowered. I offer it here, to note out loud and visible to you, that it is like your teaching: ever-green throughout the year (even in snowy WNY), hardy, constant, and offering new blooms - expected and unexpected.
( TWI student)

Thank you so much for listening today and for the journaling ideas.
I felt so lost and overwhelmed.
Now I’ve got some direction and
something concrete I can do.
(journal coaching client)

I would absolutely recommend this course to other nurses! The course is engaging, thought provoking and potentially life-changing. It provides an avenue for self-discovery and teaches skills that readily translate into better self and patient-care. The course is beautifully designed and grounded in theory. Rae, your expertise and guidance brought the class to life and left me wanting more!
Molly M., RN, HN-BC

Rae is one of our strongest instructors. "Rae, we need to split the course into two because we have so many." "No problem!" That pretty much sums up Rae. She's flexible and thoroughly understands what we are about. Her students love her and her evaluations consistently reflect her strong facilitation ability. I'd take a class from Rae any day of the week!
Kendra Branch-Brett,
Program Manager, M.Ed., Therapeutic Writing Institute

Hiding in the corner with the world around me. Writing words, then blending the lead with my finger as if I could erase it. Never sharing. Rae gave me peace to hold it in as she went over each (Journal to the Self) lesson with love and passion. Slowly my words came out. Bit by bit I found my voice, found my power, found my passions I had held so deep inside & let them out!

Taking the class again (yes again!) five years later, I was surprised to grow again! Refreshing my techniques, and finding new skills I only now needed in my life.

Like walking the Labyrinth - I choose to feel the motion of my steps now. Gliding the path before me, spiraling to the center with Rae at the heart as my guide welcoming me in ... then helping to show me the path out.

(Journal to the Self® student)

Rae was an outstanding instructor! She responded promptly and professionally to all writings. Her feedback was insightful, respectful, and relevant. I am utilizing the resources for additional learning she provided throughout the course. Taking this course awakened my love for writing. Under Rae's direction I found a way to integrate journal writing into my personal and professional life. I am already seeing incredible results! I have improved my health as well as increased my life satisfaction. I highly recommend Journal to the Self: Wellness Edition to anyone eager to gain self-perspective and tools to share with clients. The techniques I learned in this course have inspired me in many ways.
Angela Lutes, MA, LMHC

I would absolutely recommend this course to other nurses! The course is engaging, thought provoking and potentially life-changing. It provides an avenue for self-discovery and teaches skills that readily translate into better self and patient-care. The course is beautifully designed and grounded in theory. Rae, your expertise and guidance brought the class to life and left me wanting more!
Molly M., RN, HN-BC

Rae brings a wealth of life wisdom and experience to her {work} and yet humbly calls forth and acknowledges your own inner wisdom. Her scope of tools and techniques is wide and deep. A background in health and wellness, as well as her love of nature, animals, labyrinths and the SoulCollage® process, inspire her work. She is able to provide structure and focus while keeping things fluid enough to suit individual schedules, needs and interests. I feel heard, witnessed, supported and celebrated by her nurturing presence, without ever having met her in person!
Dianne Costello, CAPF

For the first time I have come to believe and see myself as a writer. Having the feedback and engaging in the techniques challenged the old messages reflecting my inadequacy as a writer. My writing began just before a holiday (not a good time for me) and supported lots of things that surfaced. Rae was supportive and engaging as she explored different techniques I could use to unfold the issues presented to me during this time. Much has changed since I began this writing in earnest and am amazed at how much has become clear due to this course.
(Journal to the Self® on-line participant)

Rae is very welcoming. She strives for a comfortable environment for everyone. This course reinforced that this is a journey – each day, a new opportunity to discover, explore, teach, learn, grow, love, laugh … Rae, thank you for being you!
Heidi J.,
(Journal to the Self
® participant)

Rae’s instinctive leadership style draws the best from those around her. In her beautiful studio, located in a serene, wooded setting, she creates a safe, nurturing environment for personal discovery. I recently attended a workshop on journal writing, facilitated by Rae, and found many surprising facets to the “routine” practice of journal writing. Fun, laughter, challenge and practical application all contributed to making this workshop, this day, a memorable experience. I heartily recommend you do yourself the favor of widening your horizons and nourishing your soul by joining her for a workshop or class soon!
Myra B.

As a certified Holistic Nurse, I would highly recommend this class. Rae is highly effective as a journaling instructor. She teaches from her vast knowledge of the subject. She is very responsive to the participants needs.
Audrey H., RN, HN-BC

[Rae] helped me look at what sticking points were holding up my progress toward marketing my small business. [Her] questions were timely and appropriate to the flow of my thinking. I knew I was in the hands of a qualified professional. I felt carefully attended to, listened to and assisted in what steps I need to address.
Margaret W.

[It was helpful] … … Having a chance to work through my life transitions with someone I felt was truly interested. I felt validated. I felt [she] did a great job in your use of active listening and giving positive feedback.
Judith R.

Rae Hight brings to her coaching an outstanding set of knowledge and skills. With her background in medicine, therapy, journal facilitation, and coaching, she offers her clients a depth and range of insight that is rare indeed. She guides, supports and questions her clients toward being fully who they are.
Leia Francisco, Leia Francisco, MA, CJF, Professional Coach

[During the collage workshops …] I loved the fellowship, watching others tune into themselves and encouraging myself to continue forward. Art connects us with each other and spirit.
Kris B.

I really liked the combination of writing, meditating, collages and engaging the creative self to be present.

I attended one of Rae’s workshops early in 2008 and found it to be a refreshing renewing day. Rae has a gentle manner, and both skills and passion for journaling. Make sure if you attend a workshop to see the most amazing “spiral” tree near her soon to be forest labyrinth—truly spectacular!
Gretchen Schodde, ARNP, MN

Rae Hight is an experienced, intuitive professional with a passion for writing. She has combined her varied talents and knowledge to offer a wonderful workshop that I would highly recommend to those seeking a more creative, holistic exploration of self and one's interaction with one's environment through journal writing. Her studio and park-like grounds offer a peaceful retreat from the busy world, and you will leave there feeling refreshed and nurtured.
Lou-Ann Lauborough, MSW, LICSW, CSW-G
Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice Port Orchard, WA

Loved her! Rae is such an amazing person. She shines and listens to people in a way I have never seen – makes you feel so comfortable. I learned I'm a good person and I learned that it's to say "no" sometimes.
(Journal to the Self® participant)
Rae Hight is a well prepared facilitator who presents in depth material in all her classes. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to expand their personal horizons.
Jayme H.

This has been quite a remarkable experience for me. I have come to terms, largely, with my big wellness issues. Using the various techniques took me to new levels of understanding ... which help me see myself and what my value is as a person in my new life.

I have completed a 6-week class series and a one-day workshop with Rae Hight. The journaling skills I learned in those courses have been invaluable. I utilize the tools and techniques often, while journaling for personal growth.

Rae is an amazing instructor. She brings humor, insight, and kindness to all she does. Positive energy, while working in a safe environment, provided me with a fulfilling experience, which has carried over into my personal writing.

Nancy Ziegler, MC, CRC, LMHC

(This was written by a woman who has been taking individual journal writing instruction.)

As a person who suffers from depression, I have found that Rae's techniques in journaling have helped me put my life in order. My doctor agrees and even says that he doesn't think I need further therapy. I continue to journal nearly every day and I've found peace.

Debbie N.

I could not have had a better companion on the journey. Rae has stuck with me, prodded where necessary and just held my writings as they were at times. I'm quite sure that her input and support was the essential ingredient for all I got out of this course. I have found the courage/energy to face medical issues and incorporate them into my life, thereby beginning to mitigate their huge negativity. I've learned I can develop resilience of spirit when resilience of body is flagging.

Fall arrived and the leaves were starting to fall and I was feeling the days grow shorter … I was thinking of how to keep my "Creative Spark" going, I received a flyer about Pathways to The Heart, Mind and Soul. Wow sounds like just what I need to inspire my writing. Fall is such a time for introspection and writing is a gift to myself to find balance and alignment. The class came at just the right time for me and I am so glad that flyer made it to my mail box.

I really enjoyed the techniques that were presented in class. Springboards and Character Sketches … with breathing and gentle meditations to help with listening to the voice inside (so many other techniques too).

I so enjoyed sharing and hearing the other women's stories. I can learn so much from others!!!

The collage part of class was a big spark to keep creativity flowing … to bring child-within forth, to bring color and a richness to my journals. Since I have been in classes, I have filled journals with dreams, pictures, stories feelings, space to "BE."

Technique, Art, Meditation and writing ... I enjoy re-discovering who I am and the writing with intention is a great way to open doors for myself!!!!
I …
J ourney
O pportunity
U nique
R elate
N ew
A wareness
L ife!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful for Rae and her vision with her classes. I am awakening to quality time, ability to play and a deep Peace that has come from my continued writing.

Explore places within that may be buried, and a treasure chest may be what you find. Full of un-expected surprises about self and about the many others we share our space in this world with.

Rainer Maria Rilke
Kris B., LMT

The course reminded me to be aware of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. I have taken pride in being aware of that connection but after this course I feel that I would like to advocate for holistic wellness more creatively. The patient components provided by Rae in each dimension are helpful and adaptive to many clinical situations.
Jane M., MS, RN, PNP-BC

“Although an experienced journal writer, I found this class [Journal to the Self] to be very inspiring, creative and informative. Rae created a wonderfully safe and comfortable atmosphere where participants could open up and express their inner feelings and thoughts with ease. And the techniques presented in class opened up many new possibilities for self-exploration. I cannot wait to take another one of her classes."
Michelle E.

Rae was put on this earth at this time to do this work. The women in this workshop [6-week course] are forever changed and their children will have better lives because of her gift.
(Journal to the Self
® participant)
Rae Hight gave us a tremendous presentation on journal writing this last week. Whether you want to explore your deepest feelings, organize your thoughts for growth in your personal and/or professional life, or effectively track the events and feelings of your daily life, this was a presentation chalked full of information.
Tom Saunders, Port Orchard Professional BizBuilders, Chair

I have not taken an on-line class before. I enjoyed this experience. I could have the experiential opportunity in my own home and still have feedback from the instructor in a prompt manner. I felt supported and appreciated as I went through the experience, as well as encouragement along the way. I had a personal growth experience through this class.
T.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I would recommend this class to others without any reservations and with enthusiasm. A wonderful course promoting growth to enhance one professionally and personally.
Patricia C., RN, Ph.D, AHN-BC, QTTT

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