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Bring Creative Self-Empowerment to your life through Journaling!
  • All courses are provided on an individualized basis with flexible scheduling. (Groups are offered only upon special arrangement.)
  • Course format can be on-line, on-site at Hight's Pathway Studio in Port Orchard or a combination of both and includes the same materials.
  • All courses provide individual support, guidance and feedback throughout the entire course.
  • If you are in therapy, these courses will deepen and enhance your therapy process. Discuss the course with your therapist before you begin.


An individualized, guided journaling course.

(Average length is 6 weeks - can be extended when requested.)
Based on the journaling workbook, Journal to the Self® by Kathleen Adams.

Select from 2 editions.
  • Original Edition
  • Wellness Edition (Customized for Wellness by Rae Hight, RN, MA)
NOTE: Mental Health Professionals earn 12 CEUs
Online Journaling Course
Have you considered journaling, but just
don’t know where to begin?

Do you already journal, but wonder if
there is a way to be more flexible and spontaneous?

There are no rules to Journal Writing!
No Experience is Needed to Begin!

This course is based on the world-renowned Journal to the Self® program, which was developed over twenty-five  years ago by Kathleen Adams, MA, Center for Journal Therapy, and the Therapeutic Writing Institute She is "one of the most prominent and established voices in the field of therapeutic writing. She is an author, speaker, teacher, licensed psychotherapist, Registered Poetry/Journal Therapist, and visionary whose gift and life mission is sharing the power of writing with all who desire self-directed change." (Journal to the Self® workbook).

I have been teaching Journal to the Self® to individuals and groups since 2007 and have loved every minute of it! I feel quite honored to be counted among the hundreds of certified instructors bringing this program to students and clients throughout the world. In addition to the traditional group settings, Journal to the Self® has been brought to dozens of specialized audiences (i.e. hospitals, prisons and business settings).

Kay Adams encourages her instructors to think "outside the box" in how we present the course while following the basic outline. Within this process, she and I worked together to create the Journal to the Self: The Wellness Edition.

Whether you want to explore your deepest feelings, organize your thoughts for growth in your personal and/or professional life, or effectively track the events and feelings of your daily life, this course is for you!


At the beginning of the first week, you will receive:
  • The Journal to the Self® workbook which includes detailed information on the specific techniques we will be covering along with guided journaling pages that match each technique.
  • A course outline, identifying which techniques we will be covering each week.

Each week thereafter, you will receive:
  • Supplemental information on all journaling techniques.
  • Individualized guidance addressing specific questions you might have regarding how to incorporate journaling into your life and focused feedback on your specific journaling process (not the actual journaling itself unless you specifically request it).

Date & Time:
By arrangement
$150 (includes workbook and additional handout material)

Share the power of Self-Empowerment!
Journal to the Self® Gift Certificates are available.

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An individualized guided journaling course.

Based on the booklet, Writing through Transitions: A Guide for Individuals and Groups
Leia Franisco, MA, CJF; CAPF, Executive& Life Coach

(Average length is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on individual process.)


At the beginning of the first week, you will receive:
  • A copy of Leia's booklet, Writing through Transitions: A Guide for Individuals and Group, which includes detailed information on the stages of transitions, along with focused journaling prompts.
  • A course outline that we will customize to fit your specific situation.
  • Supplemental material related to stress management and how journaling can help you manage your stress response during times of transition.

Each week thereafter, you will receive:
  • Individualized guidance and feedback.
  • Specific journaling prompts for each stage.

Date & Time:
By arrangement
$110.00 - $130.00, depending on length of course (plus $10.00 for booklet)

Note to Myself
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For the first time I have come to believe and see myself as a writer. Having the feedback and engaging in the techniques challenged the old messages reflecting my inadequacy as a writer. My writing began just before a holiday (not a good time for me) and supported lots of things that surfaced.
B.G., Journal to the Self on-line participant

Rae Hight is a well prepared facilitator who presents in depth material in all her classes. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to expand their personal horizons."
Jayme H

"Rae's instinctive leadership style draws the best from those around her. In her beautiful studio, located in a serene, wooded setting, she creates a safe, nurturing environment for personal discovery. I recently attended a workshop on journal writing, facilitated by Rae, and found many surprising facets to the "routine" practice of journal writing. Fun, laughter, challenge and practical application all contributed to making this workshop, this day, a memorable experience. I heartily recommend you do yourself the favor of widening your horizons and nourishing your soul by joining her for a workshop or class soon!"  Myra B.

I attended one of Rae's workshops early in 2008 and found it to be a refreshing renewing day. Rae has a gentle manner, and both skills and passion for journaling. Make sure if you attend a workshop to see the most amazing "spiral" tree near her soon to be forest labyrinth-truly spectacular!"
Gretchen Schodde, ARNP, MN