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This Individualized support and guidance provides an opportunity to learn and practice a variety of focused journaling techniques to match your needs and interests.

JournalSteps … Pathways to Health and Wellness®
A Unique 3-option Journaling Coaching Process

"As a person who suffers from depression, I have found that Rae's techniques in journaling have helped me put my life in order. My doctor agrees and even says that he doesn't think I need further therapy. I continue to journal nearly every day and I've found peace."
Debbie N.

This has been quite a remarkable experience for me. I have come to terms, largely, with my big wellness issues. Using the various techniques took me to new levels of understanding ... which help me see myself and what my value is as a person in my new life.

Rae Hight brings to her coaching an outstanding set of knowledge and skills. With her background in medicine, therapy, journal facilitation, and coaching, she offers her clients a depth and range of insight that is rare indeed.
She guides, supports and questions her clients toward being fully who they are.

Leia Francisco, MA, CJF, Professional Coach


I could not have had a better companion on the journey. Rae has stuck with me, prodded where necessary and just held my writings as they were at times. I'm quite sure that her input and support was the essential ingredient for all I got out of this course. I have found the courage/energy to face medical issues and incorporate them into my life, thereby beginning to mitigate their huge negativity. I've learned I can develop resilience of spirit when resilience of body is flagging.


Journaling for Wellness:
From Exploration
to Action
Journaling for Wellness
Bring your wellness questions and goals. Let’s discover the answers and identify your life –long possibilities for sustainable health and wellness.
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My Journey
to Health:
Writing the Story
Writing the story
When we’ve been through a medical event or a health challenge, we can feel scattered and uncertain about our future. Writing has immediate, and long lasting, health benefits.
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Discovering the Creative Feminine:
Beyond Infertility
Creative Femininity
For many women, motherhood, femininity and fulfillment have been woven together as a singular, and expected, definition of Self.
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Over the years, I’ve discovered that certain journaling techniques and approaches are more effective than others in bringing mental clarity, emotional balance, physical stamina and spiritual connection back into our lives.

From these experiences, I’ve created a unique and thought-provoking journaling process that provides a collection of flexible journaling techniques and coaching approaches.

Each option includes:
  • Pathways Welcome Packet with a series of guided prompts for self-exploration, including strengths and goals.
  • My Health Journal downloadable notebook pages with supplemental pdf files:
    • pages for personal journaling, preparatory notes for our coaching meetings/conversations, notes during our sessions
    • Journaling Action Plan worksheets
    • supplementary page to use for notes for both pre-and-post health care provider visits
  • An initial one-hour meeting (on-site) or conversation (via telephone) to:
    • review the Pathways Welcome Packet
    • outline the steps for the Wellness Coaching Option you’ve chosen
  • Follow-up Weekly or Bi-weekly meetings/conversations to explore:
    • your experiences, insights, questions, goals and further action steps
    • information on, and guidance through, a wide selection of flexible and creative journaling techniques based on your specific needs and interests, including collage, SoulCollage® and Vision Boards
    • light e-mail support between meetings
$135.00 Initial one-hour Meeting (on-site) or Conversation (via telephone). Includes:
  • Pathways Welcome Packet
  • My Health Journal (with PDF template)
$ 75.00 Ongoing one-hour meetings/conversations (4 meeting/conversation commitment)
  • scheduled weekly or bi-weekly
  • includes light e-mail support between meetings/conversations