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Scientific research has now confirmed that journaling for even 20 minutes a day has a powerful impact on health, including:
  • decreased blood pressure
  • improved immune system functioning
  • improved understanding of individual stress levels, resulting in the ability to decrease unhealthy reactions
  • the ability to think more clearly in overwhelming situations

Additionally, journaling can help you ...

  • recognize, honor and understand your emotions in all situations, thus creating a sense of self-empowerment and the ability to be pro-active
  • rehearse for difficult or challenging situations and interactions
  • manage time and events
  • develop and/or enhance the joy of being spontaneous and creative
  • keep a record for the future of how your life unfolds
For additional information: "Research Data, Additional" and "Ten Reasons for Journaling"

Fireweed by Jim Hight
Photo by Jim Hight