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Beyond Infertility

Journaling for Wellness

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Excerpt from The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

For many women, motherhood , femininity and fulfillment have been woven together as a singular, and expected, definition of Self. When plans of becoming a mother (through birth, surrogacy or adoption) have not been realized, new questions regarding life purpose may arise. Using a unique and creative journaling process, we’ll explore what life dreams and ventures are asking to be born.

5 Steps:
  1. Review your Journaling Questionnaire.
  2. Discuss your Pathways Welcome Packet responses.
  3. Write a timeline of your journey through infertility.
  4. Explore flexible journaling techniques and prompts that will guide you in developing the full story and prepare you for the next steps.
  5. Create a visual or written expression of what wants to be born – now. Options may include collage, art (drawing, painting, sketching, fabric), fiction, poetry.
Option: Use the labyrinth as metaphor. This can be done by walking an actual labyrinth or through the use of a “finger” labyrinth, made of paper, wood or pewter.
  1. Walking toward the center: Explore the losses, gather them and prepare to release them.
  2. In the center: Rest quietly, release the losses. Identify and embrace what you need to feel grounded and fully in touch with your own inner wisdom.
  3. Walking out: Discover and collect elements of the dreams you want to fulfill as part of your creative feminine.
If you are currently working with a mental health professional, please assure that they are aware of your plans for Journaling Coaching.  My JournalSteps process can be a perfect adjunct to your current individual therapy sessions.

If this sounds right for you, Let’s Begin!
  • Schedule your Free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation (if we haven’t already had this).
  • Review and complete the downloadable Coaching Agreement (payments can be made through PayPal or check).
  • You will receive the downloadable Pathways Welcome Packet and My Health Journal via e-mail.
  • We’ll schedule our first meeting/conversation to review your responses to the Welcome Packet prompts and  begin the action steps toward the fulfillment of your creative feminine goals

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$135.00 Initial one-hour Meeting (on-site) or Conversation (via telephone). Includes:
  • Pathways Welcome Packet
  • My Health Journal (with PDF template)
$ 75.00 Ongoing one-hour meetings/conversations (4 meeting/conversation commitment)
  • scheduled weekly or bi-weekly
  • includes light e-mail support between meetings/conversations