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Note:  SoulCollage® can be used as part of the journaling coaching process, or as a stand-alone coaching process if requested.

Would you enjoy ...

  • Exploring an intuitive, easy, creative means of developing a deeper connection with your inner self?
  • Learning how to enhance self-exploration & self-healing through collage cards created from your heart and soul?
  • Enhancing your health and well-being through your own artistic expression?
  • Gathering with others in a safe, respectful and joyful space to share this experience?
SoulCollage® is a unique collage process that facilitates self-exploration, self-discovery and self-healing. It was created by Seena Frost, LMFT, educator and psychotherapist, and described in her award-winning books, SoulCollage®: An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups and SoulCollage® Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery & Community along with her official SoulCollage® website. As with traditional collage, cards are made from found images through magazines, cards, photographs - any images that capture your intuitive self!

BUT, there is so much more ...

How does SoulCollage® differ from other collage creations?

SoulCollage® Cards are Soul-inspired: Each card is created on an intuitive level. As you go through your selected magazines, cards and photographs, the part of your being that "knows" what will express your inner thoughts and feelings will emerge. As you clip the images and arrange them on the cards, the process further deepens a sense of joy and completion only such a creative process can engender.

SoulCollage® Cards are Dynamic: Upon completion, each card can become a guide and ally who can help you express the questions and discover the answers you, alone, understand. You will return to your cards time and again, asking different questions, intuiting different answers. With the new insights, you are able to guide the course of your journey from a deeper, soul-inspired level.

Card Decks: Over time, each person creates a personal, powerful deck of their own. Oftentimes, though not always, facilitators and participants will use the concept of Suits (Committee, Community, Companions, Council) which represent unique aspects of your individual personality; creative representations of those people and beings who offer support and guidance as you travel through this journey called life; the energetic realms of your mind, body, emotions and spirit; and the larger influences of the world and the Universe.

Journaling: Throughout the years, Seena created a unique aspect of her process ... journaling through her "I am One Who" and "I am the One Who" prompts. These prompts offer a simple and amazingly effective experience that provides insight and a written record of all that comes from each reading. Each card becomes a powerful voice that guides you into the realm of your deepest questions, knowings and dreams.

Trained Facilitators: The SoulCollage® process is taught by specially trained facilitators (currently over 900 worldwide). Through confidential workshops and/or individual sessions, the participant/client learns the process of creating SoulCollage® cards and "reading" from them. As you leave a workshop or individual session, you will have in your hands the beginning of your own deck and a newly found way of connecting with your spirit that breathes new life through every cell in your body.

Community: Through workshops, periodic gatherings, blogs and Yahoo groups, creators of SoulCollage® cards discover a unique community of friends and companions to share the process. Although cards are often made at home on an individual basis, there is great joy and camaraderie through creating, sharing and reading the cards together.

How does creating a SoulCollage® deck help me become healthier, more joyful?

Research has demonstrated that both journaling and artistic creation open doors to healthy expressions of emotions, thoughts and dreams. Through this journey, the mind becomes more clear, emotions are explored and understood and connection to Spirit (however you define it) is enhanced.

How do I learn more about SoulCollage®?

Individual Sessions: As a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and Certified Journal Therapist, I provide a supportive and confidential space for learning and self-discovery. Whether you have created collage for years or will be clipping your first images, I will assist you in creating, and exploring the meaning of, your own personal SoulCollage® cards.


Because SoulCollage® cards are created from magazine and other images, it is important to acknowledge copyright guidelines. With this in mind, please be aware:
  • SoulCollage® cards are made for personal use only and are not to be sold, traded or bartered.
  • SoulCollage® does not advocate copying or infringing on the copyrighted work of others in any way. We offer a special "Thank You" to all the wonderful photographers and artists whose images have inspired us to create cards that represent the very heart of who we are and that help us grow in mind, body, emotion and spirit.



[During the collage workshops …]
"I loved the fellowship, watching others tune into themselves and encouraging myself to continue forward. Art connects us with each other and spirit."
Kris B.

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the dance

"I really liked the combination of writing, meditating, collages and engaging the creative self to be present." J.G.