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Rae Hight's Bio

Professional History:

Rae became a registered nurse in 1980 and began her work in the fields of rehabilitation and home health nursing. She derived the greatest pleasure while doing full nursing assessments and hands-on care, listening to her patients discuss their concerns, providing education regarding health care needs and communicating with their physicians. She also enjoyed training nursing assistants and supervising rehabilitation teams. In the late 1980s, as home health nursing became more technically-oriented and time-pressured, Rae pursued her second professional goal – that of becoming a counselor.

Cannon BeachIn 1990, Rae completed her master’s degree in counseling at Seattle University. After working as a home health social worker and rehabilitation counselor, she established her private practice, working with adults who were invested in holistic growth. Throughout Rae’s counseling practice, she has found great inspiration as a witness to the human spirit. Throughout the years, she pursued ongoing training in creative approaches to therapy (i.e. art, poetry and collage) and incorporated them into her sessions.

Throughout her careers in nursing and counseling, Rae maintained a strong interest in supporting her patients and clients in developing their own sense of responsibility and self-empowerment.

During the late 1990s and into early 2000, Rae studied and practiced Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch and Reiki. Though she no longer offers these services herself, she does support clients who are interested in these therapies. She also works in tandem with qualified practitioners in her role as a journaling instructor. This interwoven approach supports clients as they develop a deeper awareness of their intuitive wisdom.

In 2007, Rae’s professional interest in, and passion for, journaling began to take new form when she became a certified Journal to the Self® (JTTS) Instructor through Kathleen Adams (Center for Journal Therapy & Therapeutic Writing Institute). Teaching the world-known, proven JTTS program deepened and validated her intuitive understanding of journaling’s role in counseling. In 2010, she completed additional training in collage (SoulCollage® and Vision Board) as adjuncts to her journaling work.

Journaling for NursesWhen advanced training in journaling became available through the Therapeutic Writing Institute, Rae eagerly pursued an 18-month program leading to her credentialing as a Certified Journal Therapist. Throughout the program, Rae studied the researched benefits of expressive writing, as well as the ground-breaking and foundational teachings of highly regarded professionals in the field of therapeutic journaling/writing. She also developed courses and workshops of her own, including Journaling for Nurses: Holistic Wellness through Words and Images, a 6-week course and workbook for health care practitioners. This program has been approved for 18 nursing CNEs through the American Holistic Nurses Association.

In 2011, Rae developed JournalSteps … Pathways to Health & Wellness. This unique journaling process provides three options for Rae’s interactive journaling coaching work: Journaling for Wellness: From Exploration to Action; My Journey to Health: Writing the Story; and Discovering the Creative Feminine: Beyond Infertility.
Rae Hight

Professional Education & Training:

The Therapeutic Writing Institute, (2011) Certified Journal Therapist
SoulCollage®, Seena Frost, (2010) Trained SoulCollage® Facilitator
Vision Board, Joyce Schwartz (2010)
Center for Journal Therapy (2007) Certified Journal to the Self ® Instructor
Healing Touch Program (2000) Energetic Healing I, II
Healing Touch Program (1997-1999) Healing Touch I, IIA, IIB, IIIA
Sacred Space Ministries (1997) Reiki I and Reiki II
University of Washington, School of Nursing (1997) Certification, Therapeutic Touch
Wellness Institute (1996) Certification, Hypnotherapy
Seattle University (1990) Master’s Degree, Rehabilitation Counseling
Pacific Lutheran University (1983) Bachelor’s Degree, Nursing
Tacoma Community College (1980) Associate Degree, Nursing

Blended Professional Philosophy and Personal Experience:

Grand Canyon My passion for this work has been inspired in no small part through my own experiences with life transitions involving personal relationships, health challenges and infertility. Through classes, therapy and my own explorations, I discovered that journaling has been the woven thread of healing, regardless of the situations I have faced. When I look through my own writings, sketches, collages and poetry, I reflect upon the wisdom and self-empowerment that has emerged (and continues to do so). I cannot imagine traveling through these transitions without my journals.

Personal History and Interests:

I was born in June 1949 and have called the Pacific Northwest home all my life. I live in Port Orchard, Washington, with my husband of over 38 years, along with our myriad pets. Our home, and my studio, are nestled in the midst of 5 acres in the country. Our landscaped pathways and benches provide a natural environment for my clients to enjoy time for relaxation and reflection before and after sessions.


After taking a week-end workshop on labyrinths in the late 1990s, I developed a vibrant and long-lasting interest in their history and health benefits. Please see the labyrinth page for more information.


Throughout the years, I have found great joy in sharing people’s stories. This interest is reflected not only in my professional life, but in my passion for writing (non-fiction and poetry).

After the attacks of September 11, this interest in writing resulted in the creation of an oral history project with WWII veterans. In 2004, I published Voices of WWII Veterans... A Kaleidoscope of Memories. In addition to the stories of 20 local veterans, the book contains 40 glossy photographs- 2 for each veteran. These depict how they appeared during WWII and at the time of the interviews. My brother, Alan Dalton, a professional photographer living in California, made two round-trip journeys to collaborate with me in capturing images of the veterans and a good number of artifacts.

I am currently working on In the Shadow of the Mountain … Living a Passionate Life Beyond Infertility, a book using the creative expressions of poetry, narrative, photography and journaling techniques to explore infertility and a women’s discovery of a fulfilling life


My favorite leisure pastimes involve writing, reading, being in nature and spending relaxing time with my husband. I am an avid student of meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi. Jim and I enjoy hiking, traveling, photography, bird watching and caring for our pets.

Rae’s portrait by Fay Marley-Clarke Photography. All other photos on this site by Rae Hight.
The paragraphs to the left describe the external container of my professional training and experience. The life breath, the heart, mind and soul that fill this container, come from my experiences with my patients, clients, fellow students, and colleagues who have shared the path with me. Through delightful times, and tremendous struggle, I’ve searched for the answer to poet Mary Oliver’s question,
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

"Rae's instinctive leadership style draws the best from those around her. In her beautiful studio, located in a serene, wooded setting, she creates a safe, nurturing environment for personal discovery. I recently attended a workshop on journal writing, facilitated by Rae, and found many surprising facets to the "routine" practice of journal writing. Fun, laughter, challenge and practical application all contributed to making this workshop, this day, a memorable experience. I heartily recommend you do yourself the favor of widening your horizons and nourishing your soul by joining her for a workshop
or class soon!"
Myra B.

I attended one of Rae's workshops early in 2008 and found it to be a refreshing renewing day. Rae has a gentle manner, and both skills and passion for journaling. Make sure if you attend a workshop to see the most amazing "spiral" tree near her soon to be forest labyrinth-truly spectacular!"
Gretchen Schodde, ARNP, MN